3 Most Important Marketing Tools For Selling Your Home

marketing tools for selling

In today’s crowded real estate market, getting buyers’ attention and their eyes on your listing can be a challenge. When setting out to sell your property, be sure to access and leverage the most powerful marketing tools for selling, and do it right out of the gate. Taking a smart and effective approach right from the beginning can help your property sell quickly and closer to or higher than your desired price point.

Our expert team at ADKPP recommends taking a close look at the three factors below to get your marketing off to an advantageous start. Getting the right agent and real estate agency on your team, preparing your property well and getting high quality graphics into your plan can do a lot to put you ahead of other properties entering the market around the same time. Read below for tips on how to get the most out of these three important marketing tools for selling real estate.

3 Most Important Marketing Tools For Selling Your Home

1) The Home

The easiest marketing tactic for promoting a property is focusing on the property itself. A well kept home that looks as if has been cared for throughout the its lifespan is one of the easiest marketing tools for selling your home, whether by owner or using an agency. A homeowner looking to sell should make sure that all major systems have been regularly maintained. All other issues throughout the home should be repaired, even those as small as replacing a burned out light bulb.

For some home buyers, the small details of a property attract them to one property over another. These include evidence of maintenance and repairs, both inside and outside the home. Potential buyers may be turned off by overlooked items including poorly maintained yard and exterior.

While a cared for property is a great start, listing the home at a price consistent with recently sold and comparable properties also helps in marketing the property. Sometimes going a little below market value can be a good strategy to land a higher amount than expected – through best and final offers or a bidding war.

Doing whatever you can to sell quickly is definitely a good tactic. Generally the longer the home is on the market, the greater the chance that potential buyers could believe there are issues with the property, or that it is overpriced for the current market.

2) The Graphics

Graphics are the first thing that many potential buyers see when they start the journey of purchasing a home. These graphics include photography and videography, as well as digital and print marketing.

When preparing photos and videos, be sure your home is decluttered before the shoot, so potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the space. These photos and videos should be professionally done, not thrown together quickly during a run through with a cell phone. While cell phone cameras are more advanced than ever before, quality is still much less than what you can produce with an actual camera.

In addition to high quality photos and videos, digital and print ad graphics should also be eye-catching and properly laid out. Making good use of these marketing tools for selling will give your home the best visibility possible.

3) The Agent And Agency

While this may seem silly & unnecessary to mention when exploring marketing tools for selling real estate, the correct agent and agency could be one of the strongest tools you have to sell your home quickly. Knowledgeable and seasoned agents generally have a network of potential buyers. They typically keep track of clients looking in certain areas or at specific price points. Being able to connect with these potential buyers can provide a significant head start on selling your home.

While the agent might not identify a potential buyer right away, the agency they work for can give your property an additional boost. Larger agencies generally have more agents, so while your agent may not have a buyer, a fellow agent could! Additionally, depending on the agency, they could also leverage a national or international network and presence.

As a member of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Adirondack Premier Properties has a large international network of agents in addition to a notable national presence that gives our clients additional attention. This can be seen in some of our properties featured in The Wall Street Journal, Zillow Gone Wild and in our social media presence as part of the national Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Luxury Collection. Typically, larger agencies also have a bigger budget for production of graphics and advertisements to provide even more opportunity for your property to get additional coverage.

While there are multiple factors determining outcomes in the sale of real estate properties, understanding the most important marketing tools for selling real estate is a focal point for our agents when working with new sellers. Working with our agents early on to maximize use of these 3 Most Important Tools for Selling Your Home can lead to a quick and more profitable sale. Contact us today to start your selling journey – with expert guidance and top notch forever agent service!

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