5 Best Security Measures For Your Home In The Adirondacks

5 best security measures for your home

While the Adirondack region is generally a safe place to live, getting familiar with the best security measures for your home can really help in preventing damage and theft at your home or property. Even in the safest places, there can be a few bad apples that take advantage of minimal security opportunities to commit crime, so having some security measures in place can help avoid potential issues. Below are 5 tips on how to secure your home from intruders.

5 Best Security Measures For Your Home

1. Secure and Lock Doors and Windows

Locking up is one of the simplest ways to discourage burglars trying to enter your home. Keeping windows and doors locked is one of the best security measures for your home and makes it more difficult for unwanted visitors to enter. Burglars often know that trying to enter a home through a locked entryway can draw attention and require more effort, so it is a natural disincentive.

The stereotype of the nighttime burglar doesn’t always ring true. Surprisingly, most burglaries occur during the middle of the day while people are at work or away from their homes. Developing a routine of locking everything up before you leave the house is one of the best security measures for your home and a big deterrent for daytime burglars.

Additionally, if you move into a new home, our safety conscious Adirondack Premier Properties agents suggest changing out the locks to ensure that strangers do not have keys to your home. When changing the locks, buy the highest quality you can afford and choose ones equipped with deadbolts if possible.

2. Light Up The Landscaping

While a majority of burglaries occur in the middle of the day, they also occur at night under the cover of darkness. Lighting up your yard and landscaping can help deter would be intruders. Even dim or lower light fixtures can prove to be one of the best security measures for your home.

Most vandals and burglars do not want to be noticed, so motion detection lights or static lights can literally shine the spotlight of deterrence on them. Ideal placement for lights are in the front and back yards, along pathways, and around garages or outbuildings. While lights can deter vandals, they are also handy for homeowners. Illuminated paths and structures can make it safer to navigate your property while coming and going in the dark.

3. Get A Safe

Another of the best security measures for your home that we recommend is to purchase a safe. A safe can protect your valuables from theft and fire.

Safes are a great way to protect important documents and property, so having one installed or purchasing a portable one can provide substantial peace of mind. If you plan on purchasing a safe for your home, a fireproof model is typically the best option. In a worst case home fire scenario, important documents and valuables may be recoverable thanks to the protection of a safe.

4. Use Home Automation With Closed Wi-Fi

On the go a lot? One of the best security measures for your home is to take full advantage of advancements in technology for home security. By making your home fully automated from locks to sensors, you can dramatically increase your home monitoring and security while you are away.

Home automation has become more affordable than ever before. Most companies have an app, so you can remotely control most elements of your home, from water to entryway locks. This can be especially handy when you feel like you accidentally forgot to lock or turn off something in your home. Most apps allow the homeowner to connect from anywhere in the world.

If you plan on using home automation to access the best security measures for your home, be sure to close your Wi-Fi. While it is certainly easier to leave a Wi-Fi network open so any guest can hop on, use password protection to avoid hackers breaking into your Wi-Fi. An open network can lead to your home automation system being compromised along with your personal information.

5. Set Up A Security System (Cameras Optional)

If you are still nervous about whether or not your home is adequately secured, setting up a security system with cameras can be the key to feeling safe in your home. Similar to home automation, these systems have become easier and more affordable for homeowners to set up. With both DIY and professionally installed options available, there are systems to meet every budget. Before choosing a system, consider the pro’s and con’s of each type and which features, plans and costs meet your needs.

At Adirondack Premier Properties, we love helping our clients buy and sell homes in the unique Adirondack communities that we serve. While our rural region does have less security risk than a more urban area, the potential for home related crime is still present. To protect your home and peace of mind, we hope the 5 Best Security Measures For Your Home that we shared above will help point you in the right direction.

For all of your real estate needs in the Lake Placid region of the Adirondacks, contact one of our forever agents to request assistance and enjoy top notch customer service today!

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