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When you set out to buy a home, determining exactly what you are looking for can be difficult.  Factors like what size fits your  current space needs or how much fix up or maintenance work you want to take on must be considered.  Whether you should buy a townhome, condo or residential home can be hard to nail down.

At Adirondack Premier Properties, our friendly staff are skilled at helping buyers consider all of their needs and options, including a town home which could be the perfect fit. Townhomes give you the best of both worlds between a residential home and a condo. You have all the features of the residential home without the grounds maintenance.

Our staff has decades of experience helping buyers find the right home to match their needs.  Read on for our thoughts and tips about why you should buy a townhome in the Lake Placid region:

From Our Experts:  5 Reasons to Buy a Townhome

1. Less Maintenance

This is one of the most enticing reasons to buy a townhome.  The amount of maintenance is significantly less than when you own a residential home.

Generally these properties are part of an HOA (home owners association).  As a dues driven organization typically with a monthly fee,  the association typically handles all maintenance from lawn mowing to leaks. Each HOA in the Lake Placid region is slightly different so make sure you do your research to see what services are included.

2. The Amenities

Depending on how the townhome community is set up, you may have some great amenities included with townhome ownership. These amenities could be anything from communal areas like pool or picnic areas to recreational amenities like fitness center, private beach or passes to the golf course.

In Lake Placid, if you buy a townhome at the Whiteface Club & Resort, your HOA gives you 5 memberships to the Whiteface Club golf course, tennis courts and access to a private sandy beach on Lake Placid.

3. Good Location

Normally townhomes are in great locations! From being in town or having a million dollar view, these communities always try to build in prime locations. The townhomes at the Whiteface Club feature spectacular Whiteface Mountains and Lake Placid views. Located just outside of downtown, they are a short walk to the Golf House, restaurants, tennis courts at the resort and a sandy beach on Lake Placid.

While the Whiteface Club & Resort townhomes are on the luxury side of townhome living in the Lake Placid region, other more affordable options are available if you are looking to buy a townhome.  The Pine Hill Townhomes are also very nice, located just around the corner from Main Street Lake Placid. Some of the Pine Hill units have mountain views, but the main feature is being hyper local to downtown Lake Placid.

4. More Security

Townhomes are like mini communities, so someone is always around. If you like to stay connected to those around you, this may be a good reason to buy a townhome.  Neighbors will generally look out for one another.

Some townhome communities may also have security that will do rounds to make sure that everything is safe throughout the community. Additionally, depending on the location of the townhomes, there may also be security fences and gates installed on the property. In the Lake Placid region, there are no gated townhome communities.

5. Value For Money

Generally, it can be more affordable to buy a townhome vs. a residential home in the same area. While townshomes are more affordable, there may be additional HOA fees required to enjoy the amenities that are included. In the Lake Placid area, a townhome may often offer a more affordable option compared to stand alone residential houses.

At the Whiteface Club & Resort, stand alone residential homes are selling for well over $1 million dollars while a townhome is selling around the $900,000 – $1,000,000. Currently we have two properties listed on the Whiteface Club property:

  • Lodge On Overlook – a standalone home and is currently listed for $2,750,000
  • Luxury Lodges Townhome In Lake Placid – a recently built townhome currently listed for $1,349,000.

These properties are around the corner from each other giving you an idea of difference in price between a residential home and a townhome.

Deciding to buy a townhome really comes down to what your current needs may be. Townhomes are perfect for homeowners who are looking to downsize, enjoy ample amenities or find an easier day to day life. The features that townhomes offer are often attractive to first time homebuyers, second homeowners. and retired homeowners looking to simplify life.

Our skilled team of realtors is knowledgable about the Lake Placid region and excels at matching buyers with their ideal property.  Give us a call today if you’d like to explore whether the decision to buy a townhome might be right for you!

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