5 Five Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

things to consider when selling your home

The real estate market is anything but boring and predictable. Knowing which things to consider when selling your home can really help you navigate the uncertain ebbs and flows of market change.

Which properties and regions are popular and many other factors can affect how quickly a home can sell. When the market is changing rapidly, it can feel overwhelming trying to get a handle on shifting trends like whether it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market.

At Adirondack Premier Properties, our expert forever agents know the Adirondack real estate market and how to sell homes quickly. We believe that a home not selling quickly comes down to five potential issues including: price, property, location, list date and marketing. Read our insider tips below to help sell your home fast!

5 Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

1. Price

Price is one of the biggest things to consider when selling your home. The wrong price could cause a property to stay on the market way longer than a seller would like. The effect of pricing on sale time could be seen throughout the Adirondacks a year after the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Properties were listed close to all time highs for the region, and sat on the market a longer than most sellers would have liked.

Across the United States, in most regions there are some properties listed higher than pricing reflective of the current market. Often, this is due to homeowners believing their property is worth more. With this mindset, homeowners may turn down offers slightly lower than their asking price.

At ADKPP, our years of Adirondack real estate experience have shown us time and again that early offers are often some of the best offers that a seller will receive. We suggest taking a good hard look at all early offers before declining. Declining early offers could chase away potential buyers to move on to other properties. Homeowners should be prepared to be a little flexible on price if they want to move a sale forward more quickly.

2. Property

Along with price, the condition and size of the property can also affect how quickly a property may sell. When thinking about things to consider when selling your home, homeowners should look at their property as a whole. Try to take a step back and get a good sense of the big picture to clearly identify issues throughout the entire property.

While homes of similar size and features should be priced pretty close to each other, an otherwise similar house that is in worse condition will price lower to accommodate for needed future maintenance. The price difference is unlikely to cover all maintenance, but a lower price could attract a potential buyer especially for a minor condition update like an outdated kitchen.

The size of the property could also come into play depending on what potential buyers are looking for in the current market. A one or five bedroom home could take longer to sell than a two to four bedroom home with room to grow and enough space to maintain easily.

3. Location

As they say location, location, location! Demand for properties in certain neighborhoods, towns or regions can affect how long a property is listed. Depending on what potential buyers are looking for, location is one of the important things to consider when selling your home. A location with drawbacks could extend the time that your property is on the market.

In the Lake Placid region, we sometimes observe polar opposite real estate buyers. Some want to be close to the hustle and bustle of Main Street where they can easily access the conveniences of downtown plus the lakes. Others seek a more remote feeling home with privacy but still close enough for a short drive to town.

4. List Date

When to list is also among important things to consider when selling your home. Depending on the region, listing during certain seasons might cause a home to stay on the market longer. This can be seen in a few Adirondack regions with very seasonal communities that basically shut down for the winter. If you decide to list in late fall in these areas, it may lead to your property staying on the market through the winter into the next spring.

With this in mind, the Adirondacks also have some seasonal roads that can affect accessibility to your property. In these areas, listing later in the fall can lead to missed visibility opportunities. Roads that are shut down through the winter into mid to late spring can make it difficult for buyers to reach your property until after mud season. Knowing some of these challenges ahead of time will help you determine the best time to list your home.

5. Marketing

If your property hits all the check marks above of things to consider when selling your home, it could come down to how it is being marketed. Depending on what real estate agency you choose to partner with, a variety of marketing strategies and budgets may affect your property’s marketing. An agency’s marketing budget as well as name recognition can really affect your property’s exposure.

Larger companies typically have a bigger marking budget and a larger network of buyers and agents. These factors give sellers more opportunity to be advertised throughout the community as well as nationally or internationally. Additionally, with a sizable marketing budget comes professional photos, videos and even 360 tours to make your property stand out.

The more exposure your property gets across various channels, the more interest you can generate with potential buyers. People are visual. Making sure that the property is showcased professionally in an eye catching and appealing way is the best strategy to get more viewings and hopefully a quicker sale.

While these 5 Things To Consider When Selling your home don’t make an all inclusive list, we believe that they are the most important things to address now to sell your home as quickly as possible. As the real estate market is fickle, so are buyers. Sometimes something as seemingly inconsequential as the color of the home, may make the property a no go for certain buyers.

Getting to know trends in your local area and starting your sale process with the guidance of an experienced agent can make all the difference in how long your property stays on the market. To get started on your listing and discuss additional things to consider when selling your home, contact our office today and get expert help from an Adirondack Premier Properties Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices forever agent!

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