Merging Classic Adirondack Design with Modern Style

Classic Adirondack design has stood the test of time and is still popular. Adirondack classic design style, similar to many other enduring home design styles, has evolved over the years to add new variations. To attract new potential buyers in today’s real estate market, our top performing ADKPP agents recommend maintaining a classic design aesthetic while adding in some modern design elements.

Many of the newly built Adirondack homes in the Lake Placid and surrounding region showcase this updated modern aesthetic. Styling has evolved from a slightly darker, wood focused interior to the addition of a little more dry wall and use of traditional Adirondack features as accents. Lighter walls help rooms feel more spacious while retaining the cozy camp feel. Both Classic Adirondack design and more modern Adirondack styles focus on bringing nature inside the home.

Each design style has its place in Adirondack home design trends, and each offers its own unique characteristics.

Classic Adirondack Design

classic adirondack design

If you visit the original Adirondack Great Camps, you’ll notice they were built like campuses with a main hall/ home surrounded by multiple cabins and outbuildings. This arrangement provides a centralized gathering area complemented by a variety of satellite spaces for homeowners and visitors to enjoy their own privacy.

These camps became known as Great Camps due to the expansiveness of the properties and their recognition as a symbol of status for the owners. Many of these classic Adirondack design Great Camps are influenced by chalet and traditional log home styles to provide a wonderful blend of nature and function.

As stated above, many of the classic Adirondack design Great Camps feature interiors focused on wood and nature. These properties are generally built rustically with finishes that have been minimally processed. Many of the traditional camps generally have wood paneled walls and a log stairway accented with intricate twig work banisters and railings.

Depending on the designer, you may see live edge or bark on the various wood work throughout the home. Complimenting this wood work, you may also see at least one large stone fireplace in the great room. These stone fireplaces may go from floor to ceiling, depending on the great room which is typically the focal room in the Great Camp. These great rooms also generally have a large window overlooking a lake or mountains. The rest of the home often has smaller paned windows creating a smaller and darker atmosphere in those rooms.

Modern Adirondack Design

CazaLodgeInLakePlacid Fall2023 LivingRoom DiningRoom Kitchen

The modern Adirondack style still follows the general guidelines that you would see in a more traditional classic Adirondack design Great Camp with some added twists. A nature focus persists in modern Adirondack style, using rougher finishes including wood paneling, stonework and natural design elements. While newer Adirondack style follows general classic Adirondack design guidelines, there are also some major differences that make it stand apart.

Starting at the exterior aesthetic, generally the modern Adirondack design has more clean lines similar to what you would see in a modern home or chalet. Everything may seem square, making lines stand out verses a traditional Adirondack home. Also, the size of windows used in modern Adirondack design tend to be different than what you would find in classic Adirondack design.

Modern Adirondack design typically utilizes larger windows with less panes to continue the clean lines. These larger windows pull nature and the views of the Adirondacks into the home making the homeowners feel like they are part of nature. Modern Adirondack style homes may also feature a wall of windows in the great room area.

As you enter a modern Adirondack style home, you will likely be welcomed with nature-focused finishes as seen in the image above. By incorporating these finishes into a modern designed home, it is common to see some dry wall mixed in with classic Adirondack design elements. Live edges, wood paneling and more natural finishes are still featured in this style of home.

Depending on the designer and owner, the great room may or may not have the classic stone fireplace. Some owners will opt to have a more modern looking wood stove or propane fireplace for ease of use while still providing indoor fire warmth. Similar to exterior design elements, you will find more clean lines on the interior versus the lines typically found in a classic Adirondack Great Camp. The large windows in the modern style will also provide more light in the rooms, creating a feeling of spaciousness versus what you would find in a classic style.

The evolution of Adirondack style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it provides some new ideas and gives a hint at the direction that future Adirondack design could be moving. Utilizing a modern Adirondack style also opens up new potential buyers who want a home away from home that retains some element of their current home style blended with classic Adirondack design.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in the Adirondacks, contact one of our world class agents to help you in your search throughout the Lake Placid region.

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