Guide to Lake Placid Winter Vacation Rentals

lake placid winter vacation rentals

From spectacular views to attractions celebrating the Olympic spirit, Lake Placid is an amazing place to visit in winter! Our Guide to Lake Placid Winter Vacation Rentals showcases a multitude of vacation rentals from condos to large lake homes, making any gathering a breeze for vacation renters.

The wide variety of Lake Placid winter vacation rentals provides ample opportunity for renters to enjoy different experiences from a private romantic getaway to a group gathering of family and friends in a larger home. While the lakes are often frozen in winter, Adirondack beauty prevails with many properties featuring mountain and nature views that can be enjoyed right from the cozy fireplace.

Additionally, properties near Mirror Lake are a short distance from the village and classic Adirondack winter experiences. Try ice skating the loop that circles the entire lake or take a thrilling dog sled ride across the frozen lake.

Insider Tips for Booking Lake Placid Winter Vacation Rentals

  • Book Earlier Rather Than Last Minute
  • Bring Extra Layers and Proper Attire
  • Plan Your Trip
  • Watch The Weather

Book Earlier Rather Than Last Minute

Our office always suggests booking earlier rather than waiting until last minute to ensure finding and reserving your perfect vacation property. While winter is not quite as busy as summer in Lake Placid, once the snow flies and the ice comes in, rental properties fill up quickly, especially on weekends.

During winter weekends, Lake Placid winter vacation rentals are conveniently located near a variety of events and activities for visitors to enjoy. If there is a particular event you are associated with or would like to attend, it is best to book as early as possible. Starting to look early allows you to browse a wider inventory of available Lake Placid winter vacation rentals. More available properties improves your chance of finding the type of property and price point that is the right fit for you.

Bring Extra Layers and Proper Attire

When visiting Lake Placid during winter, bringing extra layers of clothing is essential. Adirondack winter temperatures can change in a matter of 10 minutes, 10 miles or 1,000 foot elevation gain, so bringing extra layers will be a savior in all of your outdoor adventures. The extra layers may even come in handy if your clothes get wet while playing out in the snow.

Additionally, if you plan on spending time outdoors exploring everything Lake Placid has to offer, make sure you have a good pair of winter boots as well as a warm winter coat, gloves and hat. While you might feel like you look silly being all bundled up, frostbite and being too cold or even hypothermic can ruin fun that could otherwise be had playing in the snow.

Plan Your Trip

While it’s not necessary to plan your trip to the Adirondacks down to the smallest detail, definitely take the time to look up events that are happening while you visit. The Lake Placid website has a wonderful calendar that highlights local events. Typical events easily accessible from most Lake Placid winter vacation rentals include everything from outdoor skating to winter World Cup events at Olympic venues like Mt. Van Hoevenberg and Lake Placid Ski Jumps.

We always recommend seeing World Cup events if you are in the area. These events are the perfect opportunity to see Olympians and future Olympians compete in their respective sports. Knowing what events are happening in town during your visit will also give you a heads up on how busy the community will be during your vacation.

Additionally, if you do a general plan of your trip, you can determine if any additional winter gear will be needed to explore the region. For example, if you are skiing or snowshoeing, will you rent equipment or bring your own? If you will be testing your might as an aspiring winter Adirondack 46er, even more additional gear and safety equipment may be needed. It is always best to plan for the worst case scenario when heading into the winter backcountry.

Watch The Weather

Every local Adirondacker will tell you to always keep an eye on the weather when exploring the Adirondacks. As stated above, the weather can change on a dime. Watching the forecast closely could save you from being trapped in poor conditions.

Additionally, weather systems can affect traveling so yesterday’s 5-minute ride on dry roads could now take double or triple time due to icy or snowy road conditions. Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to weather conditions in the Adirondacks.

Finally, the weather can affect certain venues as well. Certain venues may delay opening, close early or not open at all if dangerous weather conditions are present. Keep an eye on the weather and double check before departing Lake Placid winter vacation rentals whether your planned destination is operating normally that day. If not, you’ll have a heads up and time to make a plan B to explore other options in the area.

If you are looking for a fabulous vacation in Lake Placid this winter, be sure to contact one of our experienced Adirondack Premier Properties agents at (518) 523-3333 to explore your options to book the best of Lake Placid winter vacation rentals for your stay.

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