Guide to Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals

saranac lake winter vacation rentals

Saranac Lake is a perfect escape from the every day hustle and bustle of large cities and tourists areas. Our Guide to Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals gives visitors and renters inside tips for booking the ideal winter vacation.

A very community focused village year round but especially in summer, Saranac Lake is extending that focus to the winter months as well. With exciting community events on the calendar, a winter visit to Saranac Lake provides wonderful opportunity to catch up on rest and relaxation while exploring the wonders of Adirondack winter.

The winter crown jewel in Saranac Lake is Winter Carnival, held annually during the first two weeks of February. Guests arrive from far and wide to celebrate winter and marvel at the Ice Palace, the centerpiece of the carnival built by volunteers each year.

To explore your options for places to stay and Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals, contact our Adirondack Premier Properties office. Our office offers a few properties in Saranac Lake that are ideal for getting together with friends old and new, or for a romantic getaway.

Any of our Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals provide the perfect home base to enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks. These properties include Camp Stillwaters, Camp Serenity and Hummingbird Lodge.

Insider Tips For Booking Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals

  • Bring Proper Attire
  • Think About Activities
  • Watch The Weather
  • Have Fun

Bring Proper Attire

It can be tricky to prepare for a winter trip to the Adirondacks. The weather changes often and drastically, with some occasional days seeming like you are experiencing all four seasons.

If you plan on staying in one of our Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals during your trip, be sure to bring the proper attire to enjoy nearby attractions and activities. Layering up is usually the best way to go during the winter to be prepared for all conditions. To round out your winter layers, be sure to bring a warm pair of winter boots (with traction if conditions will be icy), a few pairs of winter gloves, and maybe even a few hats.

Wet clothes, boots, gloves or hat can bring on cold discomfort fast and cause your pleasant winter outing to end quickly. Having extras on hand is great insurance for a comfortable and safe day outdoors. There are so many winter Adirondack wonders to enjoy in the Saranac Lake area. Make the most of your trip by being prepared!

Think About Activities

In addition to Saranac Lake’s scheduled winter events, be sure to check other local activities. Winters in Saranac Lake are very outdoor activity focused with many different outdoor pastimes to enjoy. Note that some may require additional planning and gear gathering before you go.

Opportunities include skating at the Saranac Lake Civic Center (inside or outside), downhill skiing at Mt. Pisgah Recreation Center or snowshoeing or xc skiing at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center. If you plan to participate in these activities, planning ahead and bringing your own gear (if you have it) can save extra rental expense.

To learn more about winter fun, events and activities near Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals, check out our Saranac Lake Winter Guide. Benefit from local knowledge to choose activities, events and restaurants when you are in the region.

Watch The Weather

Watching the weather in a mountain area like Saranac Lake is essential for a successful winter vacation. Keeping an eye on the forecast before you travel can help you know what to expect. It’s also a good idea to check out recent weather patterns before cementing final plans.

Knowing the weather can help you make good trip decisions ahead of time. You may choose to push your departure time forward or back to avoid icy or snowy road conditions getting here or back. Or you may choose to pack extra warm clothing if you know a cold snap is coming.

Adirondack weather can change quickly, so keeping an eye on the forecast is an important step to making the most of your trip. Also, being prepared to be flexible is essential as you travel throughout the Tri-Lakes and experience regional weather differences. Even traveling in a span of 5 miles, you might notice a big difference in precipitation, temperature or snow pack.

Lastly, the weather can affect different venues that you may want to explore. Some venues close in high wind or heavy snow conditions. Check websites of event venues on the morning you’d like to visit to make sure there aren’t any weather driven changes to hours, etc.

Have Fun

Our final tip for enjoying your trip while staying at one of our Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rentals is to HAVE FUN! While Adirondack winters can be unpredictable, don’t let that slow you down from having fun. Take advantage of the rich and diverse winter culture of our region to explore something you may have never dreamed of doing before!

The Saranac Lake area lends itself wonderfully to exploring the arts and winter nature during your visit. It is also a community that knows how to put on fabulous winter community events. Visitors and locals alike appreciate the warm and welcoming feeling generated by these events in the winter wonderland of Saranac Lake.

Our Saranac Lake Winter Guide provides a wonderful jumping off point to plan out your vacation to Saranac Lake. Once you have an idea of what you’d like to experience on your trip, contact one of our agents at (518) 523-3333 to explore your options for the perfect Saranac Lake Winter Vacation Rental.

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