Guide To Tupper Lake Region Waterfront Properties

Tupper Lake

Surrounded by lakes, mountains and forest beauty, Tupper Lake is a special community and Adirondack destination. Whether you are planning to visit the region or invest in local real estate, this area of the Adirondacks offers distinctive and sought after waterfront property opportunities. Many waterways in the area invite exploring and shoreside living including Tupper Lake, Raquette Pond, Wolf Pond, Gull Pond, Simon Pond and Long Lake. Additionally, there are multiple smaller waterways that wind their way through the region including the Raquette River. Whether your passion is paddling, fishing, or just lakeside living and relaxing, the Tupper Lake region has something to offer all water lovers.

Tupper Lake Region Lakes & Ponds

Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake is the centerpiece of its namesake village! This 9 miles long waterway has 28 miles of shoreline. This makes for plenty of space for paddlers, boaters and anglers to explore.

Additional highlights of this lake include a state boat launch found on Route 30 as you head toward Long Lake, NY. This launch provides the the perfect put in for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a full day out on their motor boat.

If paddling on this lake is your goal, be sure to look into weather conditions before setting out. This lake, like most larger lakes in the area, can have some heavy winds that can make paddling tricky. Also, with motorized access on the lake, big wake can also prove to be a challenge for paddlers.

Anglers are in for a treat fishing this lake and should be on the lookout for lake trout, landlocked salmon, small & large mouth bass, northern pike, bullhead, perch, walleye as well as a variety of other fish.

Tupper Lake also provides wonderful birding with wetland habitats in the bays and coves providing great shelter and feeding grounds for many notable Adirondack bird species.

Raquette Pond

Raquette Pond is located just north of Tupper Lake. This is a man-made waterway commonly used to access Tupper Lake. When considering how to explore this pond, the choice is yours – paddle, boat or fish!

Paddlers should keep in mind that quickly changing weather and wake can be challenging on this pond. Keep an eye on the weather to be prepared for high winds that could kick up on this pond. Passing motor boats making wake is also something to look out for.

Raquette Pond also provides great fishing with anglers having the choice to fish from the shoreline or from their boat. Either way, dropping a line in the water is a great experience on this pond. Anglers can expect to find small mouth bass, northern pike and perch. If you plan to fish from the shoreline, be respectful of private homeowners and use public access points only.

Birding is also a popular activity at this lake. The grass and wetland provides excellent habitat for a variety of Adirondack bird species and some of the best birding opportunities around.

Wolf Pond

Wolf Pond is a stunning 59-acre pond that offers hiking, paddling and fishing for locals and visitors.

If you are looking for a fun hiking trail, this pond offers a 2-mile long trail that follows Wolf Pond Brook all the way to the pond. Hikers can enjoy plenty of opportunity to appreciate Adirondack nature and observe various species of flora and fauna on the trail. As you reach the pond, a lean to on the shoreline offers a great place to take a rest and enjoy stunning mountain views.

Fishing is also a delight in the Wolf Pond area. If you decide to bring your fishing pole, native brook trout can be found throughout waterways in the area.

Wold Pond is actually comprised of two ponds, Little Wolf and Big Wolf Pond. Little Wolf has a campground with a beach providing a wonderful opportunity to take in Adirondack waterside activities. Big Wolf Pond’s shoreline has more privately owned property. Paddling or cruising along the shore provides a great opportunity to see some stunning Adirondack homes.

Gull Pond

Gull Pond is located on Route 3 as you head out of Tupper Lake toward Piercefield. While most of the shoreline is privately owned, the public can paddle in through the Piercefield flow.

This 294-acre pond provides wonderful paddling with several points of interest including a few islands.

Simon Pond

Simon Pond is located just south of the Village of Tupper Lake. This pond is notable for its fishing due to lower water levels. It is basically a flood plain for the Raquette River.

If you want to explore Simon Pond, some paddling is required. Paddle in through the Raquette River or Big Tupper Lake during the warmer months to access the pristine beauty of this more remote waterway. Please note that during the winter, the Tupper Lake access is not safe due to the route using a moving river. In winter, it is suggested to use the access point on the Rod & Gun Club Launch.

As stated above, this pond provides wonderful fishing opportunities in all four seasons. Anglers should expect to find northern pike, bass, walleye, yellow perch bull head and even some landlocked salmon. It has become so notable as a prime fishing destination that every winter a fishing derby is held here. Anglers come from far and wide to compete for over $35,000 in cash and prizes.

While you are out paddling Simon Pond, be on the lookout for Adirondack bird species. This pond provides wonderful habitat for birds with lower water levels and grasslands.

Long Lake

Long Lake is located on Route 30 as you head out of Tupper Lake. Once you reach the town of Long Lake, you will see why the towns namesake body of water is the focal point of the community.

As you travel into town, the community beach is one of the first lake features that you will see as well as the marina. Beachgoers and boaters alike enjoy convenient access to enjoy this gorgeous Adirondack waterway. Long Lake has a lot to offer. At 5 miles long with 99 miles of shoreline, there is plenty of space and access for locals and visitors to enjoy Long Lake.

Motor boating, canoeing and kayaking are all available on this lake to enable all water lovers to enjoy it multiple ways. Whether you are going for a relaxing paddle or cruising around on a pontoon boat, you will see stunning homes, mountain views and breathtaking Adirondack nature.

This lake also offers wonderful fishing opportunities. Anglers should expect to find Large & Small Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Bullhead, Black Crappie, Northern Pike and some other smaller fish like Pumpkinseed.

Tupper Lake Region Real Estate

If you are looking to purchase a waterfront home in the Tupper Lake region, expect the pricing to fall in line with the Adirondacks as a whole. Privacy, history, waterway use, condition and land size are all big factors in pricing properties that have water frontage. Privacy is one of the biggest factors in pricing in this region.

Big Wolf Pond has a more private community around the pond that contributes to exclusivity and some higher prices. Location on the shoreline also factors in. On larger lakes, certain bays could fetch a higher price as the properties typically have a larger parcel. An example of this is one of the listings recently sold by ADKPP, Paradise Peninsula on Tupper Lake. This property had 4,000 feet of waterfront on over 14 acres. Making it more private and exclusive, the acreage and location provides extra space buffer between neighbors with similar style properties.

Tupper Lake region waterways also feature some historic Adirondack great camps and homes that are generally more attractive for buyers interested in purchasing a piece of Adirondack history while also enjoying a no detail missed property. Most of these camps are one-of-a-kind properties with unique details that can be rarely matched in many newer builds.

Depending on what features the waterway location offers home owners, prices can vary greatly. Generally, more activities available, increased privacy, and close proximity to town will fetch a higher price for the property. Most of the larger waterway properties in the Tupper Lake Region offer the full array of water activities. With this in mind, it comes down to location, privacy and access to other amenities that determines what price range the property will land in.

Like all real estate, condition is a major factor for any property. If you are handy enough, you may be able to find a good deal on a waterfront property that needs some attention. Choosing a property that is not in pristine condition can allow you to save on price and provide opportunity during renovations for updates that make the property your own. The condition could turn a 1.5 million dollar property into an under million dollar property which saves the home buyer a sizeable lump sum.

Tupper Lake Region Vacation Rentals

While our office does not cover this area for vacation rentals, Tupper Lake provides some wonderful opportunities to enjoy the Adirondacks without the hustle and bustle found over in Lake Placid. This region provides a more classic Adirondack vacation, more community oriented and relaxed. A quick search on Air BnB shows a variety of properties from homes in the community to homes on the water. Prices range from about $200-$750 a night during July 4th week. Being outside of the hustle and bustle of a community like Lake Placid, you will find some more affordable properties that could lead to even more rentals if priced accordingly.

The Tri-Lakes region provides a four season community with events and activities occurring throughout the year. Summer and Winter are the hot seasons for renting in the Tri-Lakes. Fall is slightly behind and Spring is the slowest rental season. Adirondack Spring, called mud season by the locals, is a difficult time to rent as the weather can change quickly.

Many local restaurants, hotels and businesses take advantage of the slow spring season to take a vacation, clean, refresh, rebuild and prepare for the busier Summer to Winter period. If you plan on renting your property, do not be surprised if you only have one reservation from April through the beginning of June as the waterways are too cold and the trails are muddy.

To find out more about waterfront properties available in the Tupper Lake region, contact our office today!

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