How Do You Tell Your Real Estate Agent You Are No Longer Interested?

How Do I Get Rid Of My Real Estate Agent

Sometimes home buyers or sellers have to make the uncomfortable decision to fire their realtor or real estate agent. The best way to tell your realtor you are no longer interested in working with them is to talk to them directly. Buyers or sellers may have a slightly different process on ending the relationship in the most respectful way possible.

As a buyer, speaking directly to your real estate agent about wanting to change is the easiest way to end the business relationship. You can choose to disclose if you are going to work with another agency or agent, or provide other typical reasons such as finding a property in a different area. Most agents understand this can happen in the home buying process. Sometimes firing a realtor may be easier than firing a single agent if you wish to approach it that way.

As a seller, you should also have a conversation directly with your current real estate agent or realtor if you are no longer interested in having your property listed with them. If it is a service or relationship conflict issue with the agent and not the realty agency, talking with the broker may lead to another agent who could be a better fit with your personality and realtor expectations.

If you want to terminate your home listing with a realtor or agent your options will be outlined in your contract with the agency. Reviewing and discussing the terms of the contract with the broker will provide you with your contractual options to release your listing.

Firing a real estate agent or realtor can be a tough decision to make, but if you are not pleased with the work being done as a seller, or you change the area you are searching as a buyer, these are the two main reasons it may need to happen. Letting go of the agent or realtor respectfully will always be the best way to handle the situation, in order to move to your next steps as smoothly as possible.

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