Your Lake House in the Adirondacks


There’s Something About a Lake House

When you’re in the market for a new property, especially Adirondack or Lake Placid real estate, owning a waterfront home is typically a consideration. One of the most desirable aspects of a property on the lake is the ease of access for any fan of water recreation. For all of those who enjoy boating, kayaking, or paddling it is absolutely ideal to consider the purchase of a waterfront property. For anyone who has enjoyed the luxury of living on the water, you know what we are talking about- all of the little things, which really make up the big things!

Every day is new

There’s something to be said for waking up to a waterfront view, especially one with a mountain backdrop; It’s hard to wake up grouchy. A cup of coffee on the lawn or deck while you soak in all that surrounds is like vacation everyday. Whether you enjoy birding, fishing or photography- or the option of simply viewing natures magic, owning a lakefront property in the Adirondacks brings you that much closer to nature and gives you plentiful opportunities to do the activities you enjoy, all with ease and no hassle. It’s typical for lake house owners to hold their property for generations, a common trend with Lake Placid real estate and homes in general. Once a family experiences life on the water, it is hard to let go. The days of summer fun are endless and memories are kept for future generations to relish in.

Let’s get practical

Certainly there is the obvious reasons for purchasing a lake house- dawn until dusk fun on the water right outside your door. However, there are practical reasons to purchase and maintain waterfront real estate. For anyone who is a boater it can be difficult to move your vessels from your home or storage to a lake, therefore, by owning property on the waterfront, you save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Again thinking practical, a property owner may choose to share their property with others in order to mitigate the costs of ownership. The Adirondack lakes, as you can imagine, are an extremely popular vacation location, and for those who aren’t in a position to own such property, but who still wish to escape city life- always a win win situation for waterfront real estate in the Adirondacks.

Location, location, location

There are several things to consider when it comes to purchasing Adirondack waterfront property and perhaps the most important center around what you hope to do with your property. Do you want to be on a larger lake or smaller, or even a chain of lakes. In the Adirondacks, you have the option to own a home close to the Main Streets and excitement of our towns or to be more isolated.

If you plan to dock your motorboat at your property’s edge you should be sure that the lakes you are considering allow motorboats and can accommodate yours. Due to the protections set forth by the Adirondack Park Agency, there can be restrictions on the size of motors allowed on certain lakes or if motorboats are allowed at all. For example, with Lake Placid real estate motorboats are allowed on Lake Placid, however, they are not allowed on Mirror Lake. Another consideration if you are hoping to swim from your shoreline, you should be sure to purchase Adirondack property with easy access to the shore and a soft, sandy bottom rather than settling for property with a rocky shoreline.

A lifestyle built to last

Waterfront homes in the Adirondacks are purchased by a varying demographic – some buyers hope for seclusion and privacy, some a family retreat, while others may be seeking an exciting social lifestyle, there is no fixed standard for why. Depending on your desires, a lakefront property offers so much versatility and longevity. Of those who now own an Adirondack waterfront property, there is a mix of those who grew up on a lake or ocean and can’t imagine life off the water, there are some who vacationed on the water as kids, and there are those who discovered waterfront life later on in years. The common thread among these individuals is the appreciation they all have for the beauty, serenity, and value of owning Adirondack waterfront property and, more specifically, the lake house lifestyle.

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