Secret to Success – Pricing Your Home To Sell

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Pricing your home to sell is one of the most important things a home seller can do! If you are listing your own property, finding that magic number can be a difficult process.

Asking for help from a real estate agent or agency is a crucial step if you are putting your house or property on the market. At agencies like ADKPP, experienced agents can leverage knowledge of the current market to help you find the right price point. Pricing your home to sell at the correct number can lead to more showings, faster sale and possibly more money in your pocket.

3 Benefits of Pricing Your Home To Sell

1. More Showings

Pricing your home to sell at a good number generally leads to more showings. When a home is overpriced, buyers will generally ignore it to find another home that is more reasonable. This overpriced value will then cause the property to sit on the market longer which is also a turn-off for potential home buyers.

This is why pricing your home to sell within a reasonable range – whether slightly higher or slightly lower than the current market value – will lead to even more showings. Also, a home that is priced right could get even more exposure with expanded marketing efforts of real estate agencies.  Inclusion of a property in a larger listing service can bring a national and international presence for your property.

2. Faster Sale

With the right number listed for pricing your home to sell and a solid marketing strategy in place, showings should be rolling in for your property.  A solid number of scheduled showings is a good sign that your property is priced right and being marketed correctly.

More eyes on your property with each added showing means a bigger chance of receiving an offer or even multiple offers. Having a few offers can lead to your property selling faster, and with less procedural hangups.   Fewer contingencies or a cash offer can make the whole process quicker and smoother.  A mortgage or other contingencies added to the contract can slow things considerably.

3. Selling For More

The right price can bring more eyes on your property, offers rolling in, and an increased chance of selling for more. Offers on your property can vary, from low to high bids as well as a mixture of contingencies.

If your property has a lot of interest due to getting it right on pricing your home to sell, most real estate agencies will do a best and final offer.  Potential buyers will be asked to put in their best offer. Some will stay the same while others may go a little higher than the original offer. After, you receive the array of offers, you choose the offer that looks best for you.  Usually this leads to a higher selling price.

Discussing price with a knowledgeable real estate agent can make the process of pricing your home to sell a lot easier.  Finding a number that is comfortable for you as well as within range of the current market is key.  There is always room to move the numbers up or down in real estate.  Starting the process in the perfect middle ground of reasonable price is a good place to be.  With the help of an experienced real estate agent, a good price generally leads to selling faster and maybe even selling for more.

Contact us at Adirondack Premier Properties today to request assistance with pricing your home to sell!

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