Top 5 Planning Tips For Renting A Vacation Home

checklist for renting a vacation home

Whether you are a seasoned vacation renter or a newbie to the short term rental scene, our “Top 5 Planning Tips for Renting A Vacation Home” will help you keep important details in mind as you plan your booking. Many factors go into making a successful vacation, and where you stay can be one of the biggest. Read on for expert advice from our experienced ADKPP staff about how to make the most of your vacation rental in the Adirondacks.

Top 5 Planning Tips for Renting A Vacation Home

1. Plan For The Weather

If you are planning on renting a vacation home in the Adirondacks, check the long-term forecast and plan ahead to be ready for the weather. All four seasons in the Adirondacks can be dramatically different, each with its own unique weather patterns. As you decide on the timing of your trip and location of your rental, look into typical weather patterns for the time of year you plan to stay.

As Adirondackers say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” The weather in the Adirondacks can change on a dime, especially in spring and fall when it’s possible to experience weather conditions of all four seasons in a single day. To ensure that you can be comfortable outside in all conditions, do your research and bring suitable clothing and footwear.

Below are some suggestions on clothing and footwear to help make your stay renting a vacation home as enjoyable as possible:


During winter, bring lots of extra layers. Winter time in the Adirondacks can go from super chilly to comfortably cool. If you plan on going on outdoor adventures, plan to bring extra coats and boots so you can keep the adventure going with a second set of clothing if you end up getting snowy and wet. Some winter essentials to put on your packing list:

  • Winter Coats
  • Hat, Headbands, Gloves
  • Synthetic & Cotton Shirts
  • Light & Heavy Sweaters, Vests
  • Snow Pants
  • Warm Winter Boots


Spring in the Adirondacks can be temperamental, so bring a mixture of summer and winter clothing. Mixed weather conditions throughout spring days can make it harder to plan. Snow to rain to sun are common weather mixes on typical Adirondack spring days. Packing a variety of clothing and footwear will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Your spring packing list may include:

  • Light Winter Coat, Heavy Raincoat
  • Light & Heavy Sweatshirts
  • Synthetic & Cotton Shirts
  • Snow Pants (Early Spring)
  • Warm Winter Boots & Hiking Boots


Summers in the Adirondacks are generally pretty mild, with recent years being a little warmer than what many locals are used to. With temps normally around 70-80’s throughout the summer, summer is the perfect time to explore everything the Adirondacks has to offer. The warmer temps also make it easier to plan your gear for your visit. Your summer packing list might include:

  • Synthetic, Light and Cotton Shirts
  • Light Sweatshirt
  • Shorts – Daytime
  • Sweatpants or Light Pants – great for cool nights or if bugs are out
  • Raincoat
  • Hiking Boots or Walking Shoes


Fall is similar to the spring except it typically starts off warm and gets cooler as the season progresses. Early fall can bring warm summer temps with chillier nights. Later fall brings more winter conditions with temps in the 40’s to 50’s. Depending on whether you decide to visit in early or late fall, your packing list may change. Some fall items to consider bringing:

  • Multiple Layers of Shirts
  • Heavy Sweatshirt
  • Raincoat
  • Shorts, Pants and Sweatpants
  • Hiking Boots & Walking Shoes
  • Light Winter Boots
  • Light Winter Coat
  • Snow Pants (if snow comes early)

2. Research Events & Activities To Do During Your Visit

While vacationing without planning can be fun and lead you to new experiences, a little research on events or activities available in the area can lead to a better all around experience. The location of your preferred activities can also help you decide in which part of the region you would like to stay when renting a vacation home.

Choosing a rental home that is near your desired activities and events, and also near alternative activities if the weather doesn’t pan out, can really help you make the most of your vacation. Especially if you are planning specific activities that are weather dependent, like hiking a few 46’ers, having a back up plan can save your vacation if the weather isn’t ideal.

Finding a combination of indoor and outdoor activities near the location where you are renting a vacation home will keep your stay exciting and ongoing. Lake Placid and Saranac Lake have wonderful websites that provide information on local activities and events throughout our region.

3. Purchase Or Bring Anything That Is Not Included

Before heading out on your vacation, be sure to review the listing for where you are renting a vacation home. Double check what will be included in your stay like on-site amenities, toiletries or other home sundries. Certain rental homes may require renters to bring their own sheets, towels and other essentials. Others may be fully stocked with a variety of essentials to make your stay more convenient, including laundry pods, dishwasher pods and coffee.

Reviewing the listing one last time can also provide insight on what style place you are staying at when renting a vacation home. If you book through our office, all ADKPP vacation home rental listings have sheets, towels and basic essentials included. All typically come with starter packs of cleaning pods and other supplies, like seasonings, to get you started for a day or two until you figure out what other products you may need.

If you are short on packing space and aren’t sure whether to bring an item of your own, it may be a good idea to reach out to the property management company to see if that item is provided. Occasionally, the owner may have upgraded or replaced something (like a hairdryer) since the listing was last updated, and your desired item may indeed be on site, but not mentioned in the listing. Most vacation rental companies try their best to provide a comfortable and convenient space for visitors to enjoy the region.

4. Carefully Review The Rules

As you review the vacation home listing, also make note of the rules of the property. While most properties include a general overview of rules, some may have some very unique rules that you need to make sure you follow.

Generally, these rules are first implemented by the towns where the rental is located. For example, Lake Placid has “quiet” hours where they ask homeowners to be respectful of neighbors by limiting loud noises and the number of people at the property after 10pm. Other rules may be required by the owner including no pets, parties or large gatherings.

5. Have Fun

Once you have completed the steps above, it is time to check in and start exploring everything the Adirondacks has to offer. Hike a mountain, try something new or watch some of the world class athletes that train and compete throughout our region.

If you have not booked your vacation yet, visit our vacation rental area to start planning your adventure today!

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