Top 5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Adding Curb Appeal

spring adding curb appeal

Spring decided to arrive early in the Adirondacks this year. With warmer weather rolling in weeks earlier than normal, homeowners have more time for adding curb appeal and freshening up their homes before summer is in full swing.

Adirondack winters are known for making a mess out of property exteriors. Snow, ice and extreme weather events can cause damage to trees and the property itself. Spring is the ideal time to do a thorough walk through of your property to inspect all areas and identify what havoc winter may or may not have caused. Read on for Adirondack Premier Properties‘ expert tips on adding curb appeal to your home this spring!

Top 5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Adding Curb Appeal

1. Clean The Yard

As stated above, snow and ice can cause damage to structures, trees and limbs. Snow also means lots of road clearing by dedicated Adirondack road maintenance crews, and possibly and accumulation of leftover sand deposited in your roadside yard. Spring is the perfect time to carefully inspect your yard and clean up any winter mess. As the weather warms, more buyers will start looking at your home exterior. Making sure your home and yard looks their best will do a lot for adding curb appeal.

Broken tree limbs are one of the most noticeable clean up opportunities. Be sure to clean up both limbs on the ground and those that may still be attached to trees. Pile up any loose branches to move to a dumping or burning area. Some Adirondack homeowners create compost areas where they pile broken branches and yard debris to compost naturally. Others may save branches for summer campfires.

After you clean up ground debris, look up in your trees to find any broken branches that are at risk of falling or causing damage. Most of the branches that need trimmed can be tackled DIY. A pair of clippers, saw, chainsaw, or pole saw should be able to handle most lower branches. If hanging branches are up high or snagged and presenting a danger, consider hiring a local tree service to remove any potential problem branches.

Another noticeable clean up opportunity is removing any road sand that has been blown or pushed into your yard. Grabbing a stiff shop broom, see if you can push any of the sand out of your yard. Depending on how wet the spring has been, this may be a multiple day job. Letting the layers of sand dry in between sweepings makes it easier to remove.

Many local towns sweep the streets each spring, including the edges. Depending on when you start your yard sand removal, the town may sweep up sand you pushed to the edge of your property. If you are late on cleaning, the leftover sand can provide some additional fill. Sand mixed with top soil can fix imperfections like divots, holes or uneven spots throughout your property. Be sure to add some grass seed to filled spots to blend filled areas in to existing lawn.

2. Rake

After you do the rough yard clean up to kick off your effort of adding curb appeal, continue on with fine clean up tasks. Grab a rake and get ready to pay attention to details. Raking your yard removes any leaves left over from fall or smaller limbs missed during yard clean up. Additionally, raking the lawn loosens up soil and grass roots compacted down by winter frost. Raking will start to bring the grass back to life.

3. Add Flowers

A gorgeous flower garden can pay off big dividends when your overall goal is adding curb appeal. A welcoming focal point, flower gardens add a nice pop of color to any property. Spring can be a great time to plant flowers that will bloom all summer. Many Adirondack homeowners choose to plant a combination of annuals and perennials to ensure blooms throughout the season.

Depending on the amount of money and effort you would like to invest in your flower garden projects, a variety of plants are suitable for planting in the Adirondacks. Many homeowners choose perennial flowers that will bloom every year. Perennials can be hardy plants that require minimal care, but some planning is required to select a combination of varieties that bloom at different times throughout the season.

Many gardeners also choose to supplement perennial plantings with annuals, or plant annuals exclusively. Annuals bloom for the season in which they are planted. For a quick garden upgrade to your property, annuals may be the easiest way to add color that will last all summer. They can be planted in pots or in beds, and may require some maintenance including regular weeding and watering.

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener program is a great resource if you are looking for Adirondack flower gardening tips.

4. Freshen Up Paint or Stain

When thinking about ways of adding curb appeal to your home, it’s a good idea to ask yourself when was the last time that you painted or stained the exterior of your property? Freshening up paint and stain can do a lot to rejuvenate a property, and maybe even make it look as good as when it was first built. Even if you just painted the year before, Adirondack weather can take a toll causing paint to chip or fade. Doing yearly touch up can show that you put in extra maintenance effort and really increase curb appeal if you plan on selling the property.

5. Fix Any Exterior Damage

With the Adirondacks being an area of extremes in the four seasons and dominated by nature, there are plenty of ways for damage to occur to the exterior of your home. Cold weather can make winter a difficult time to make repairs on your exterior, and this difficulty may extend into spring if the cold weather runs late. Early spring, when the weather is still cold, is an ideal time to walk around the exterior of your home to make a repair plan for the months to come.

The ideal timeframe in the Adirondacks to complete exterior maintenance projects is May through the beginning of November. Getting started with an inventory of exterior issues and project planning early in the spring can help you prioritize which repairs are most important. When adding curb appeal is your goal, planning ahead can also help with budgeting to figure out which projects are most likely to give you the most bang for your buck.

As the chilly days of winter fade and spring sunshine arrives, take advantage of the season to think about adding curb appeal to your Adirondack home. Clean the yard, rake, plant flowers, freshen paint and fix exterior damage to make your property look its best.

If you are planning to buy or sell a property this spring in the Lake Placid region, one of our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices forever agents is ready and waiting to serve you. Call our office today to get started!

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